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Something that Republican presidents love to do on their first day of office which is reinstate something known as the “global gag rule,” which is that agencies around the world which receive US support for their health programs are not allowed to provide abortion of contraception services or even talk about them– hence the name “gag rule.”

We love when we talk about foreign and national security policy to focus on the high geopolitics– “what does it mean the Kurds versus versus the Shia versus the Turks?”– but that global gag rule is gonna affect the lives of as many women and families as anything else Donald Trump does his first hundred days in office. Their lives are always on the line when Americans vote and it’s not something we ever talk about or think about but it’s a very real consequence of what happened last night.

– Heather Hurlburt on Global Dispatches, “The Foreign Policy of Donald Trump” (25:07)