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A Few Things Like These (Ippatiyum Cila Vicayankal)

Among birds, I like crows very much.
It's true; it is a thieving creature
tactfully snatching away the eats from the hands of children.
In deed, it is a foolish creature
visiting and perching on the compound wall of the house
and caws at the oddest hours.
Even then
isn't it my friend
who looks at me and calls out to me
in my village where I crawled as a baby and grew up
and also in this city planted from elsewhere?

– Cinnakkapali (Translated by Nirmal Selvamony)

There were three or four crows standing on a branch in the trees outside our balcony, so this poem feels very timely.

Source: Oikopoetrics and Tamil Poetry by Nirmal Selvanomy